2021 Mars Scuba Webinar Series

Also, we are super excited to share the news off our 2021 Webinar Series - This was such a success in 2020 we had to do it again! We are offering even more classes and more local charters to complete the skills! Here is how the program works:

Register for the Class - Most classes only cost $50, this includes your E-Learning, Books, or Lecture!

Complete the Class - Either finish the E-Learning or Work Book in preparation for our Lecture

Attend the Lecture - Join us either online or in our shop to discuss some important topics and points pertaining to the class

Do the Dives - If you decide to finish the speciality, the open water dives are $200 to compete the certification! However, very important, you do NOT need to pay until you register for the dives!

Ready for the best part? For every 5 specialities you buy, we will give you the diving skill portion of the certification for free! That is a $200 savings for every 5 you buy! It gets better; if you buy all 15, you get a free Advanced Certification as well!

You can check out our online calendar for up to date information on upcomming courses:

  1. Feb 4th - Dive Against Debris
  2. Feb 11th - Enriched Air / Nitrox
  3. Feb 25th - Night Diver
  4. March 2nd & 4th - Search and Recovery
  5. March 11th - Underwater Navigator
  6. March 18th - Wreck Diver
  7. March 25th - Deep Diver
  8. April 1st - Shark Conservation - Project Aware
  9. April 6th and 8th - Altitude Diver
  10. April 14th and 15th - Self Reliant / Solo Diver
  11. April 20th and 22nd - Project Aware
  12. April 27th and 29th - Discover Technical Diving / Intro to Tec
  13. May 13th - Coral Reef Conservation


More will be added soon!

Important to note that not all dives can be completed locally - some, such as deep, will require a trip to Summersville or Ohio.