Morehead City - August 19th - 22nd

Shipwrecks and Sharks with Olympus Dive Center - August 19th - 22nd

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Join us for an amazing 4 days of diving in beautiful North Carolina! Be prepared for shipwrecks and sharks. Choose to dive with us and also have the option to room with 10 of us in a house. Check out the Diving and Housing Tabs for more information.

4 days of diving with 2 dives per day! Cost includes the charter and weights but does NOT include tanks, tank fills, rental equipment or crew gratuities. Rent your tanks from Mars Scuba or from Olympus Dive Center.

Tank rentals, fills, rental gear and crew gratuities are not included in the Dive Trip price. Weights are Included.

Rental Pricing:           

Aluminum 80 (Air)                                         $7.00

Aluminum 100 (Air)                                       $11.00

Aluminum or Steel 80 cf (EAN)                    $16.00

Aluminum or Steel 100+ cf (EAN)                $19.00

Weights                                                           Included with charter

Regulator System w/ SPG                              $15.00

BCD w/ Power Inflator                                   $15.00

Wetsuit 3mm or 5mm                                     $15.00

Nitrox Dive Computer                                    $20.00


Fill Pricing:                 Air Fill (up to 99 cu ft)                                   $6

(Your Tank)                Air Fill (100+ cu ft)                                        $7

                                    Nitrox 30% (up to 99 cu ft)                            $12

                                    Nitrox 30% (100+ cu ft)                                 $14


Minimum Requirements:

- Advanced Open Water Certified

- Minimum of 25 Logged Dives

- Two Dives to 70 ft. or greater

- Two Dives in teh last 12 months

- Minimum Age - 15 years old


Check out Olympus Dive Center and the possible wreck sites we will visit here: Olympus Diving


With six bedrooms and ten beds, join us in this large home near the beach. After our day of diving, we will come back to the house for some food, drinks and relaxation!

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