• Strawberry Lake

Strawberry Lake

Join us for a day of diving at Strawberry Lake.  Please Note you must select the proper "Add On's" depending on when you are joining us.  Please read the descriptions properly to ensure the correct instructor / dive master is availiable.  

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Availability: Contact us for booking information

During the open water dives you will be using the skills you learned in the pool
in an open water environment under the close supervision of your instructor.
Refer to your book or video chapters 3 & 5 for a complete description. As long
as your pool skills are good you should have no problems with the open water
We will meet at the entrance to Strawberry at 9:00 AM Saturday and Sunday
mornings. Travel time is about 40 minutes from Cranberry. Dives are usually
completed around PM, so bring lunch, beverages, and maybe a lawn chair. You
will be able to contact us at 412 974-7694 if you get lost or have last minute
Strawberry is privately owned and the owner requires that all divers sign a
specific waiver and be accompanied by an approved instructor. Be sure we
have your waiver form before your dives.
Make arrangements to rent equipment from Mars Scuba as soon as possible.
Try on your wet suit to be sure it fits properly, and make sure your fins fit over
your wet suit boots. You can pick up your rental equipment the day before your
dives or have us transport it to the lake.
What to bring or rent:
? 4 full tanks (2 each day) Make sure they are full when you leave the shop
? Regulator with pressure gauge, inflator & alternate air source
? Compass & Dive Computer
? Full wet suit, including hood, gloves, and boots
? Mask, fins, & snorkel (be sure fins fit over boots)
? Buoyancy Control Device (BCD) & weights
? Ground cloth (tarp or heavy plastic) & folding chair
? Weather appropriate clothes, swim suit, towels, hat
? Log book, Lunch & liquids

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